Is your teen depressed or overwhelmed?On their phone 24/7?
Distant and hiding in their room all day?
Are you worried they’re using drugs to cope?
If you answered yes, it may be time for Teen Counseling.

Being a teenager is angst-ridden in the best of times.  Our high-performing, high-achieving culture has pushed many of our teens past the point of ‘normal’ teen moodiness and growth and led them down a path of teen depression, anxiety, and unhealthy coping skills.  As a parent, you may feel lost and unsure of how to help your struggling children.  If your family is experiencing frequent arguing, withdrawal and a sense of ‘this isn’t right and your only recourse is to take away the phone, then this is where we step in.


How Teen Counseling can help:

In two words, space and guidance.  By creating a space for your teen to vent, explore, push and experiment, your son or daughter will begin to trust the therapeutic relationship.  With this trust, they will begin to explore their vulnerable parts and allow an openness to guidance. In the relationship between your child and their therapist, you can trust that your teen is being supported and encouraged to show their needs and wants in a more advantageous (and harmonious) way.

Signs your Teen may need Therapy:

  • Your teen becomes more secretive, and it seems like more than a desire for greater privacy.

  • Your teen has extreme mood swings, from elation to depression or frustration and seems to sleep a lot more than usual at times.

  • Your teenager’s grades have suddenly dropped and your child has lost interest in usual activities.

  • Your child has suddenly changed his or her peer group and doesn’t seem to want you to meet these new friends.

  • Your teenager has stolen money from your wallet on regular occasions.

  • Your teen’s new friends have led to a distinct change in appearance (clothing, jewelry) and a change in attitude (more sullen, defiant, hostile).

  • Your adolescent has regular, sudden outbursts of anger that are out of proportion to whatever has caused the anger.

  • Your teenager regularly misses curfew, does not show up when expected, and lies about his or her whereabouts.

  • Your teen wears long shirts and pants even in hot weather. (may be cutting or burning).

  • Your teen seems “out of it” and you are concerned they’re vaping, Juuling or using drugs or alcohol.

If you’re recognizing any of these signs of help in your own teen and you’re at your whits-end, it’s time to get help. Parenting teens is no joke and we can help you, your teen and your family survive the teen years intact.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to consider therapy, Great!  You can choose your therapist and schedule your first session here:

Or if you have questions you can call or send us an email. 

We’ll reply the same business day, answer any questions you have, ask how we can help, decide if we’re a good fit for each other and we’ll get the process started.