Online Video Therapy & Counseling In San Jose

Just because Your world has been forced to slow down, literally, doesn’t mean your stressors have.

You’ve been forced to change how you go about your life; schools are now taking place in kitchens and bedrooms; business is being conducted in any quiet corner you can find, and you’re isolated from friends and family.

It’s a recipe for a mental health disaster that is bound to happen while you wait for the world to be a safe place again. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that you will be living in this alternate-reality universe for much longer than expected.

Without a known end date, you’re learning to adapt to something you originally thought was impossible.  A long-term, ‘virtual’ life.

Learning how to adapt and be flexible during the pandemic is crucial for Your physical and mental health.

And our society is stepping up to the challenge! 

Many people are working to find ways to create structure during the days at home.

For those that are lucky enough to have kept your job and working from home, you may be figuring out that it’s difficult to end the workday when there is no separation between work and home.

Teens are desperately missing attending school and are realizing how important lunch and tutorial is at creating social breaks during their days.

Many are struggling to create boundaries and separation from loved, and not-so-loved ones.

While we once may have wished for more time with family, now that we are having All. The. Time. Together., you may find yourself wishing for some space and distance between yourself and your family.

Many relationships, whether it’s a parent-child, roommate or partnered relationship, are struggling because your normal supports and self-care activities are no longer a safe option.

Without some space in relationships and having limited coping tools, couples and families are fighting even more than normal.


Online Therapy Can Help You Survive the Pandemic

Regardless of whether we wanted to or not, we as a global society are being forced to slow our lives down and to change how we live.

Some are coming to terms with this unchosen change more easily than others, but it’s change for all.

What this change has introduced is a collective grieving experience.

We are all grieving. 

Some have lost family members or friends to the Coronavirus, some have lost jobs and the stability they provide. Many have had to miss, cancel or alter weddings and graduations that have been worked towards for years.

Your children are missing all the milestones they’ve earned.  No proms, no homecomings, no championship games, no graduation.  Even moving into college and the college experience will be changed.

We are all experiencing loss.

With that being said, you don’t have to manage these incredible stresses alone.

There is so much comfort and relief to be found in having an objective, neutral person to share your experience with.

Your therapist can hold, contain and accompany you in your feelings.


What You Will Find With Your Online Therapist

  • Your therapist will help mediate, moderate and, most importantly, interpret your discussions with your partner.
  • Help your teen navigate more isolation than they developmentally need.
  • Provide a place for you to explore, process and examine all the feelings, like anxiety, fear, anger, that you’ve experienced during the Coronavirus.
  • Give you the space to share your thoughts, fears and anxieties.
  • Guide you in handling conflict and help you learn more effective ways of communication.
  • Counsel you in finding ways to keep moving forward.  Just because the world has stopped, doesn’t mean you have to.


How to Have a Successful Online Therapy Session

In order to have a successful online therapy session, there are a few important things to put into place:

A private space – for those who do not have a dedicated office or private  room in their home we are finding many clients are successful having sessions in their car or walk-in closet.

  • A strong internet connection
  • You must reside in the state of California
  • A readiness for change

Your video therapy session will feel very similar to sitting in the same room as your therapist.

You will have a session where you can see and hear your therapist and be virtually face-to-face.

If you have become familiar with FaceTime or Zoom calls, you’ve experienced something very similar.

Sessions will be 45-50 minutes long.


Are there any Benefits to Online Therapy?


There are several benefits to working with your therapist virtually.

  • Online therapy is convenient!  Online therapy removes the struggle of making time to actually go to your therapist’s office.
  • No drive times.
  • Many busy people, such as parents of small children, busy teens, those struggling with work-life balance are finding that the option of online therapy is making therapy possible, for the first time in their lives.
  • People who live far away from the therapist they’d like to see are now able to work with that therapist (within the requirements of the client living in the state the therapist is licensed in).
  • You may feel more comfortable being in your own space during your therapy session.
  • You don’t have to worry about seeing anyone in the waiting room.

Our practice offers online therapy for teens, adults and couples.

 *Our number one focus is always your safety and well-being.

Some issues may be too severe for online therapy.  Your therapist will be continually assessing you and your symptoms for any safety concerns, including active thoughts or attempts at suicide, or a disconnect from reality.

If these issues were to arise, your therapist would provide you with referrals for a higher-level-of-care treatment to insure you have the most appropriate treatment.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to begin online therapy, Great!  You can choose your therapist and schedule your first session here:

Or if you have questions you can call or send us an email. 

We’ll reply the same business day, answer any questions you have, ask how we can help, decide if we’re a good fit for each other and we’ll get the process started. 

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