Are you desperate to save your marriage or relationship?

No matter the stage of your relationship, all relationships can face challenges.  Life changes such as the birth of a child, loss of a job, or the launch of a child can cause relationship troubles.  Other events can have an even greater impact, such as a loss, infidelity or separation, and can cause a tear in the relationship.  You may be wondering, “how can I save my marriage?”  The answer is: Couple’s Counseling may be needed to save your marriage.

As a collaborative couple’s counselor, I will lend an experienced ear and help you communicate your needs and wants.  Together, we will create a safe space to allow each of you to share your hopes, dreams, and concerns. This will help you explore the relationship you’re in and decide how to create the relationship you want.  You will each learn communication skills that can help you get your needs met and work towards saving your relationship.


Will you want us to stay married?

The answer to that is completely up to all members of the relationship.  Many couples choose to stay together and the other’s choose to separate.  I am not pro-marriage or pro-divorce.  I am, however, on the side of what you decide.  You will walk through the process of deciding if you’re committing to lean in and working to change the relationship.  If this is the goal, I ask for a 6-month commitment from all members of the relationship to working diligently on a repair.


Can you still help if we decide to separate or divorce?

Absolutely!  Separation or divorce doesn’t have to be a completely negative experience and can be done with grace.  In my work with couples who have decided the relationship is better as friends or simply co-parents, we will work through the process of separation in a collaborative fashion.  I am happy to help you negotiate the new rules and boundaries, work through grieving the loss of the relationship and help guide you in the creation of your new life.

Ready to Get Started?

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We’ll reply the same business day, answer any questions you have, ask how we can help, decide if we’re a good fit for each other and we’ll get the process started.